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Ed. Grigori , Athens 1st edition : 1983, 2nd edition :1990 , 3rd edition :1995 ALEXANDER V. Kosmopoulos , Doctor of Pedagogic in the University of Sorbonne and professor of Relation dynamics Pedagogic since 1965 ,highlighted the importance of dialogue and of the relationships in school .These ideas have been represented as Relation dynamics in his book "RELATION DYNAMICS PEDAGOGY CONCERNING THE PERSON", since 1983. The Relation dynamics Pedagogy strongly questions the efficiency of modern school and considers as only solution , the qualitative approach of school and of the educational process as well as the courageous treatment of problems. The centre of the problems, according to the writer ,is situated in the sense of "irrelevant" that a student has and which dominates the aims and the reality of school as well as the interests and the school learning process of a student. This book not only deals with the "irrelevant", but also suggests a Pedagogy which is related with the student as a person and it aims at his/her development. The writer also believes that the centre of the pedagogy is found neither in the personality of the Teacher, nor in the didactic Good .It is found in the high quality of Pedagogic Relation which is developed through its own dynamic between the teacher and the student, between student and didactic good, between parent and child. Many experts admit that the writer through his work establishes a new and a Greek born Pedagogy. This book consists of five big parts: The Relation dynamic Pedagogy as a request of times.

The Relation dynamics Pedagogy concerning the Person. The Pedagogic Relation. Aspects of relations at school. The dependence of the Relation dynamic Pedagogic from the quality and the ability of the educator.

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