Professor Irena Wojnar

The years go by, but the friendship with Mr. Kosmopoulos stays...We have been meeting since we were studying Pedagogy in Paris ,and we never forget the unforgettable personality of our professor Maurice Debesse is Sorbonne. These meetings have a personal aspect but are also expressed through a spiritual relationship

Prof. ╠alcolm D. Blakeney

It is rare in the education sector for someone to meet a friend traveler devoted to philosophy and practice of the person centered approach and especially one who works with young people. A. Kosmopoulos is such a person and it is a bless to work with him and being a loyal friend. In the University of Patras he is like a lighthouse that gives light to the sterile landscape and by this light he delivers knowledge to the dynamics of human relationships. By this devotion he has affected not only the Greek educational system but also many European countries. What was he based on in order to form his deep perception about the world? I have the impression that his traumatic experiences during the Occupation (from the Germans) formed in him the ideals of humanism and democracy. Then A.K. consolidates his perception by studying in Paris ,influenced by the American Carl Rogers.

Prof. Constantin Xypas

(What I am going to refer happened at the times of the dictatorship of the colonels). I was enrolled at the fourth year of Philosophy at the University of Athens .I was studying History and Archeology while my career could hardly be assigned : I could become either an archeologist or a professor of literature .I was interested ,like my colleagues, in Pedagogy and I was extremely disappointed by this subject which we attended at University. However the book of our professor asserted scientific demands: its tone was severe and it had many American bibliography references .Searching a better organized book at the bookshop of Estia ,I found three or four small books ,written in modern greek with a warm style which attracts you .It referd to the modern great educators, that the writer had met during his doctorate in Paris. I bought the one which referred to Maurice Debesse, professor at Sorbonne. I read it with great excitement and then I bought the rest of the his books. Since then thirty-five years has passed and we still are friends with Alexander.

Prof. Ada Abraham

The first time I met A. Kosmopoulos was in the conference of AIRPE. A deep relationship full of trust and mutual appreciation was formed, without any attempt.My participation at the conference, which was organized by A. Kosmopoulos, confirmed my initial impression. I believe that 1.the "Pedagogy of Relation Dynamics is established on rich theoretical and researching references.2. It has his imprints.3.Sets the classical Greek culture in our modern society.

A.De Peretti, Professor, Paris

"I had the pleasure to meet my friend and professor A. Kosmopoulos ,through a seminar of a workshop ,which had gathered more than one hundred personalities round the American psychologist Carl Rogers .It was in France ,at Evry ,in 1979.I always appreciated the severity and the fineness of his thought ,as well as the generosity of his perception. We both defend the Person centred Education as an advantage of both teachers and students."